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Xigmatek Elysium Review

The Xigmatek Elysium is such a physically gargantuan chassis that it is hard not to immediately sit up and take notice. On a technical level it is a well designed case and easily one of the best looking plastic and steel chassis we have seen. Looks are subjective, but Xigmatek haven’t opted for gaudy lights and silly side panels, instead focusing on an classic design with up to date industrial overtones and attractive accenting on the edges.

On a practical level, this case is certainly not going to fail to impress. It can cope with a wide variety of motherboard standards and offers plenty of room for the installation phase, one of the most important aspects when building a new system.

There are plenty of fans supplied as standard, with room for more, if the demand is there. The build quality is excellent throughout, and the full black interior will certainly improve the overall appearance of the final system build. The only negative point we can mention is the flimsy top flap cover on the I/O panel.

This immense internal space doesn’t go to waste as the top and bottom sections can fit either watercooling radiators, or dual power supplies. The diversity and overall layout of this design is class leading and I can’t think of another case quite as capable, especially in this price range.

Xigmatek haven’t overlooked the aesthetics and functionality. They have included a handy external drive bay at the top of the case, with sliding doors to enhance the appearance when not in use. The mesh panels give it a futuristic appearance and the option of adding wheels to the finished build is an inspired extra.

You may think that the Elysium might set you back around £200, but Xigmatek are selling this in the UK for around £140 inc vat, which is a heck of a price point to achieve. We would love to see a high end deluxe aluminum version of this case with a couple of extra fans, because we think it could mount a serious challenge to our favourite case, the expensive Lian Li X2000F. Perhaps this is just a pipe dream.


  • Huge internal design to suit hardcore overclockers and modders.
  • Looks are great.
  • Can support dual power supplies and watercooling.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Is capable of cooling a high end system.
  • One of the best value cases on the market.
  • Wheels are a great extra.


  • It is heavy, due to steel construction.

Kitguru says: This is the best product from Xigmatek that we have reviewed. If you need a huge case and want something attractive and fully loaded, then this is the one to buy.

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Rating: 9.0.

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