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Another death at Foxconn factory

The latest news that another death at a Foxconn factory is sending ripples through the industry. According to reports, the 21 year old employee fell to his death, although the circumstances are not yet known.

Foxconn are one of the most well known electronic manufacturers who handle work for many of the leading technology companies, such as Apple, Sony and Hewlett Packard. They faced negative press for a long time for harsh working conditions which apparently led to a raft of suicides.

The situation was that bad that Apple intervened to help improve working conditions, after all, no one wants to buy a computer that might have been built under possible ‘slave labor’ conditions.

Focus Taiwan reported that Foxconn Vice President Terry Cheng believes the death was not related to long working hours and poor conditions “The employee is still under a training program and has just worked overtime for only two hours during the past 20 days, so we think it is irrelevant to working pressure.”

Cheng added that the employee may have been drinking alcohol “Prior to the accident, the employee had dined with 20 to 30 other colleagues, and they were likely drunk after the gathering.”

Foxconn are currently employing more than 1 million people and they have been combating the negative press by increasing salaries, improving working conditions and changing management policies.

Kitguru says: Whether this latest incident was a suicide or some drunken prank gone wrong has yet to be confirmed.

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