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Foxconn’s Q1 2020 profit dives 90%

The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the market in many ways that would have been impossible to predict just a few months ago. Foxconn is one of the companies that has been hit hard by the pandemic and has reported a 90% decline in profit for Q1 2020. Hon Hai Precision …

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Foxconn looking to build factory in the US, move closer to Apple

Foxconn, the giant electronics manufacturing conglomerate and Apple’s biggest OEM manufacturing partner, has begun talks with the US federal authorities to find a suitable place to set up a sixth-generation TFT-LCD panel factory, according to Digitimes. The display factory would cater to small-to-medium sized 6G panels and could be used in Apple’s …

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Foxconn manager made $1.5 million selling stolen iPhones


It looks like a now former senior manager at Foxconn could face quite the jail sentence after being caught stealing around 5,700 iPhones worth around $1.5 million. This manager worked in the testing department specifically and had eight employees under his wing, who he instructed to smuggle thousands of iPhones. …

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Foxconn to replace 60,000 workers with robots

This week, news broke that Foxconn would be shedding 60,000 jobs and replacing those factory workers with robots. Foxconn is known for having a hand in the making of devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and this week, it confirmed that its employee count would shrink from 110,000 down to …

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Microsoft is now selling the Nokia brand to Foxconn

Microsoft initially bought out Nokia’s mobile phone division a couple of years back to bolster its own smartphone efforts. However, Windows Phone still hasn’t seen a ton of growth and now the company is changing directions again by selling the rights to the Nokia brand name and transferring around 4,500 …

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Foxconn to greatly reduce its offer to buy Sharp

For a while there, it looked like Foxconn’s $5.3 billion deal to acquire display maker Sharp was all set to go forward. However, in the late stages of negotiations, some information came to light that showed that Sharp may be carrying much more debt than Foxconn was initially led to …

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Supplier expects Nintendo NX to ship 10-12 million units in 2016

Nintendo still has two big game launches left in the Wii U but that isn’t stopping rumours surrounding the company’s next console, currently codenamed the ‘NX’. We already know that Nintendo is planning a new console, though it isn’t sharing any details until 2016. However, we could potentially see the …

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Samsung to build robots for South Korean factories

Samsung and South Korea are aiming to cut down on manufacturing costs for electronics by building robots to replace factory workers. The idea is to replace human employees with cheap to run robots, to deal with plenty of tasks, including those that currently require a more delicate touch. The South …

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Foxconn reportedly plans to acquire Sharp’s LCD business

Foxconn Electronics, the world’s largest contract maker of electronics, is reportedly mulling to acquire LCD business from Sharp Corp. The company may even team up with Apple in order to take over Sharp’s display business. The move could help Foxconn to expand its business, whereas Apple will guarantee stable supply …

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Foxconn to help Japanese firm sell robots around the world

What guise will robots of the future take? Some see as them as faceless automatons, capable of performing basic tasks for us, whilst the Supermatrix predicts a future where they’ll be actively concious but subdued through a dream within a dream. SoftBank Mobile however believes robots can be our friends …

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Nokia may return to smartphone market

Nokia Corp. is plotting its return to the market of smartphones and tablets, a media report suggests. This time, however, the company will not manufacture its handsets itself, but will develop devices that will be made and distributed by other companies. In accordance with its agreement with Microsoft, Nokia does …

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Apple bans “bonded servitude” of factory workers


When a new Apple product is being made, production ramps up massively in factories that supply components and products to it, this obviously necessitates a large hiring spree by these factories. Until recently these workers could be charged more than a month’s salary in recruitment fees by the agency that hired them, rather than …

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