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Are cooling fans a thing of the past?

We all use cooling fans, in our laptop’s, desktop computers and even in some peripherals. This constant battle against heat has made the reliance on fan technology ever more prominent. This could change in the future however.

Researchers at GE have created a super thin cooling device which they claim will be able to be slotted into thinner, quieter and more powerful systems.

The concept has been inspired by lungs and by current technology which enhances airflow through jet engines, the project came into fruition.

The new technology doesn’t rely on rotating blades to force cool air over hot components. This device has been called the ‘dual piezo cooling jet’ and it measures just three millimeters thick. It is constructed from two nickel discs that are connected on either side to a sliver of piezoelectric ceramics.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm5fXj-hUpk’]

A current is passed through the ceramic component and it expands and contracts up to 150 times per second so the nickel discs then work in a similar fashion to bellows.

Unlike cooling fan technology there are no bearings and no motor to power. This will save power, helping battery life and reducing noise levels. The company are claiming that the technology could enhance battery life by 30 minutes, or more.

The technology can move the same amount of air as a fan twice its size and only require half the power. Price for construction is also very inexpensive.

Kitguru says: This technology is certainly one to watch

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