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GIGABYTE announces Intel i9 10900K CPU support for its AORUS AIO liquid cooler series

Gigabyte has announced the whole AORUS LIQUID COOLER Series can support Intel i9 10900K CPU running all cores at 5.2GHz.
Gigabyte said that its AORUS LIQUID COOLER Series passes the long-period burning test of Prime95 benchmark with “super high loading”. Under heavy loads the Intel Core i9 10900K processor – with its 10 cores and 20 threads – can reach a TDP of over 320 watts. To manage the heat of the CPU, Gigabyte's AORUS LIQUID COOLER Series uses a “dual ball bearing fan structure” which is said to have “superior efficiency and durability” with a service life double that of sleeve bearing fans.
The unique fan blade design is said to reduce the unwanted noise associated with higher fan speeds and Gigabyte also said that fans blade design succedes in “striking the best balance between fan efficiency and fan noise”.

“The entire AORUS LIQUID COOLER has passed the heavy loading burning test and overclocking with Intel Core i9 10900K CPUs with all cores at 5.2GHz, “ said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “The success under the heavy loading test shows it’s more than enough for general use. In addition to the durability, superior performance, and high capacity, the LCD display and RGB lighting design of AORUS LIQUID COOLER provide users a controllable system and unique system style which can be synchronized with peripherals.”

Additional information about Gigabyte's AORUS LIQUID COOLER Series can be found HERE.

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