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AMD Ryzen 7 1700 5-Way Cooler Comparison

Rating: 8.0.

At this point, AMD’s Ryzen processors have been on the market for nearly 3 months. It’s taken a while for some companies to catch up, but we are getting to a position where most, if not all, CPU coolers now support AM4 either out-of-the-box or with an additional bracket. With that being said, we thought it is high time to get some coolers in and see which is best (in regards to your budget) for the Ryzen processor.

In this 5-way cooler comparison, we have products from the likes of Deepcool, Scythe, Arctic, Cooler Master and even OCUK Tech Labs. Pitting all 5 head-to-head using our Ryzen 7 1700 chip, which cooler can do the best job? Let’s find out.

The coolers:

  • Arctic Freezer 33 Plus
  • Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120
  • Deepcool Captain 240 EX
  • OCUK Tech Labs 240
  • Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH Edition

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  • cyber

    Thx, for the Scythe Muggen PCGH Review. Waiting a long time for a review of the pcgh version.

  • Lelisevis

    Why not the CM MasterLiquid 240? It’s the same packaging, pump, braided tubing just with the larger radiator. I picked it up around a month ago and was surprised to find the AM4 kit inside, surely a first. It cost me £69.99 and I’m sure it would have walked away with an award.

  • anubis44

    Where’s the Arctic Liquid Freezer 240, the best value in a Ryzen cooler right now?

  • roadkill612

    Over all, this isnt a good look for the stock coolers relative, and surely performance & life sapping, absolute numbers.

    I saw no mention of cooling chipsets, which could get seriously warm with onboard sata raid arrays etc.

    I think i would pay a premium for a multi heatsink unit.

    A simple Cheap ass suggestion.

    Contrive a $20 12v tire pump, jetting air via the hose onto the stock wraith heatsink fins at the base via an inserted ball inflating nozzle e.g.

    a fan on the compressor head & BoyleS law, should mean the air jet is quite frigid (& pulsing, which may help).

    u could even contrive a reserve “tank”/extra cooling, using any tire.

  • Mat Bailie

    Two questions about your idea; cost? noise?

  • chris

    Tyre type compressors are generally noisy and move little volume of air
    It wouldn’t do .much to cool itema

  • roadkill612

    Just wonking.

    Cost is cheap as i said, noisy if close – yes.

    Quiet ~modern fridge compressors I hear, use “free piston” pumps, a concept i just love.

    The mechanically unconnected piston, is reciprocated magnetically.

    Yep, not much volume, but precisely targeted and frigid. u already have volume from the existing fan which remains, but as we see, it has its limits..

    I also like the idea of two opposing jets (~as per prev post), directed at the hottest, base center of the processor heatsink – create a mini hi pressure, pulsing cyclone there.

    The notion is not “always on”, its a turbo mode if needed – like gaming. If CPU cooler, ryzen auto overclocks – simple.

    with a tank, as described, it could run quiet for some hours – borrow a colleagues spare tire & deflate that – he wont mind 🙂

  • David Huynh

    i wish they tested the stock wraith cooler.