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DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 CPU Cooler Review

The DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 features a single stack of anodized aluminium fins which are located directly above the CPU block.  These are arranged around four U-shaped heatpipes that pass through the CPU block at the bottom.  The fins have ridges a pattern cut into them to infuse a little excitement into the design.

It would seem that the common feature of DeepCool’s range of products is the style of their fans.  It features bright blue blades which sit within a black rubber frame that has been designed to reduce vibrations.

The included fan is a PWM model which spins between 500 and 1500rpm.  The company claim that at the maximum speed, the fan pushes through 66.3 CFM of air whilst only emitting 27.6 dBA of noise.  At minimum speed, DeepCool say that the noise level is reduced to 17.8 dBA.

DeepCool have given the copper CPU block a nickel plating with a mirror finish to help conduct heat from the CPU.

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  • Roger

    Well thats slightly disappointing. overpriced too

  • Brian Dav

    What is up with the pricing? thats more than the frio in the UK? no way.

  • Frankie

    They will have a hard time selling this to the enthusiast user. it seems like a decent cooler and I dig the heatsink on the mounting head area, but its drastically outperformed by cheaper designs.

  • Zishuai Li

    i have been installing this for like 2 hours, and i’m still working on it.!!!!