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DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 CPU Cooler Review

Overall, the DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 is a reasonably good CPU cooler.  The black and blue fan design is sure to fit in well aesthetically with a lot of different setups, even though it doesn’t co-ordinate well with the red and black design of the Crosshair V Formula motherboard we used for testing.

We were a little concerned with the load CPU temperature when overclocked – ideally we wouldn’t like to see the temperature on our AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor reach much above 60c.  With temperatures at this level, the long term longevity of the CPU could be affected.  That said, if you didn’t overclock the CPU by quite so much the temperatures would fall within an acceptable level.

The DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 can be yours for £40 from Overclockers UK.  At this price it comes into direct competition with the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced that we looked at a few weeks back.  We think that the Dark Rock Advanced is much more aesthetically pleasing than the Ice Matrix so will probably be a better option for those who care about the look of their system.  The Ice Matrix 400 is still a good option however, especially for those who aren’t looking to achieve a massive overclock.  If they could drop the price by £10, it would be a more viable proposition.


  • Unique Colour Scheme.
  • Rubber fan surround.
  • PWM fan included.
  • Fastenings included for two fans.


  • A little pricey.
  • Not the best performer when pushed hard in an overclocked state.

KitGuru says: A good product from DeepCool but would be more attractive with a lower price tag.

Rating: 7.0.

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