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EKWB lanuch the EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE D5 pump/res combo

EKWB’s Quantum line of D-RGB custom cooling components cover a broad range of hardware, including CPU blocks for various platforms, full cover GPU waterblocks for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs as well as monoblocks, pumps, distribution plates and reservoirs. Today EKWB is releasing a new Quantum Line of genuine D5 pump based combo units.

The new pump/reservoir combos are a revolutionary upgrade to the popular EK-XRES Revo design with twice as many ports. As with all EK-Quantum products the new D5 based combos are equipped with sophisticated D-RGB LED lighting that can be controlled via motherboard RGB sync software or alternatively, by the upcoming EK-Connect controller for complete standalone control.

EK-Quantum Kinect TBE D5 utilises a traditional cylindrical design featuring three G1/4” ports in the top, one of these ports includes a pre-installed nickel-plated brass tube to help prevent coolant sloshing around in the reservoir and reduces the chance of air being sucked in by the pump when the top port is used as an inlet. Additionally, any of these top ports can be used for filling the system or adding optional accessories such as thermal probes or LEDs.

Towards the bottom of the EK-Quantum Kinect TBE D5 combo housing are a further three industry-standard G1/4” ports, the addition of a third port at the bottom provides users with an optional inlet port or drain outlet. Another new feature in the TBE D5 combo is the special rubber shock absorber used to decouple the pump body from the mounting clip. This rubber shock is designed to reduce vibration-induced noise to provide silent operation.

These new EK-Quantum Kinect TBE D5 combos are compatible with existing D5 holders and brackets since the tube itself remains unchanged, with a diameter of 60mm. This also ensures the new D5 combos are compatible with the previous generation of EK cylindrical reservoir tubes. EK-Quantum Kinect TBE D5 pump/reservoir combos are available in four different versions with heights of 200mm and 300mm and a choice of two different materials, Acetal and Plexi.

EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE D5 pump/reservoir combos are available for purchase through the EK Webshop and from official EKWB distributors with prices starting from €179.90.

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KiGuru says: These new pump/res combos from EK retain the high-quality appearance we have come to expect from the company. What do you guys think to them?

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