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Aqua Computer announces the Ultitube D5 water reservoir

Aqua Computer is expanding its extensive portfolio of reservoirs with the new Ultitube D5. This reservoir was designed to be easily paired with other D5 pumps, such as the D5 Next and D5 PWM, to benefit from the advantages of using the Ultitop D5 pump housing.

As shared by Sven on Aqua Computer's forum, the Ultitube D5 is made of “high strength borosilicate glass” with a thickness of 5mm, commonly used in laboratory material. This makes it resistant to both chemicals and temperature oscillations, with no concerns for the material being negatively affected. These reservoirs will be available in 100, 150 and 200mm lengths, and with a diameter of 65mm.

Unlike most other reservoirs, the Ultitube D5 uses aluminium rings bonded with borosilicate glass. These “threaded flanges” don't make contact with the water and exist in a dry area. They are only used to press the tube to the sealing surfaces. There's also a filter on the bottom of the reservoir to avoid filling the reservoir with air, and moulded seals “plugged into the tube” to prevent accidents like the seal falling when removing the lead.

Additionally, the mounting plates that come included with Ultitube D5 means it can be mounted to a variety of locations in your case, including the side wall, the bottom, or even on a radiator with an additional bracket. The Pro version of the Ultitube D5 comes with an RGBpx ring that can be connected to a D5 Next pump, with the cable that comes included.

The Aqua Computer Ultitube D5 reservoir will be available next week, starting at €69.90. There will also be bundles of Ultitube D5 reservoirs paired with either a D5 Next pump or a D5 PWM pump. If you are interested in other Aqua Computer products, click HERE.

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