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be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2 is a top-flow dual-heatsink CPU cooler

The be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2 is the latest addition to its CPU cooler line-up. Aimed at those building with compact cases, the Dark Rock TF 2 features two horizontal heatsinks and two 135mm fans in a top-flow design, capable of handling up to 230W of heat output.

The two horizontal heatsinks are connected by six 6mm black heat pipes and pack two black Silent Wings 3 135 mm fans. Both heatsinks have anti-vibration rubber pads and a black coating with ceramic particles, but the bigger one has a brushed aluminium top cover, offering a sleek look to your build.

By using a top-flow design, the Dark Rock TF 2 not only cools the CPU but also dissipates some of the heat from surrounding components, including the motherboard VRM heatsinks and memory modules. Using the Dark Rock TF 2, users have 49mm of clearance for their memory. Moreover, you can mount this cooler inside any case with at least 134mm of clearance, but users can further reduce the cooler’s height to 109mm by removing the top fan.

The top Silent Wings 3 fan is funnel-shaped to improve air intake, but the second one isn’t. Each of the Silent Wings 3 fans is equipped with a fluid-dynamic bearing, a six-pole motor, and up to nine airflow-optimized fan blades, generating up to 27.1dB(A) at max speed.

Compatible with both AMD (AM4/AM3) and Intel sockets (1200/2066/115x/2011), the Dark Rock TF 2 is easy to mount thanks to its enhanced mounting kit with a fixed mounting bridge. The Dark Rock TF 2 will release on August 10th for $85.90/€85.90/£79.99.

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KitGuru says: If you are building an SFF PC, but you don’t want to use liquid cooling, the Dark Rock TF 2 might be worth considering. At the end of the day, there are not many compact CPU air coolers capable of taming a 230W TDP.

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