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Computex 2024: EK introduces new water cooling components and EK-Pro DFF

EK is at Computex 2024 to showcase its latest work. In addition to the EK-Pro DFF (Draining, Flushing, and Filling) unit, EK is introducing a new line of water cooling components named Nexe, which targets a balanced price/performance ratio.

Nexe is the technical bridge between efficient cooling and high-performance computing, combining the benefits of open-loop cooling with AIO closed loops. Unlike other loop products, Nexe's water blocks and combo units are injection moulded (like AIOs) to deliver the optimum balance of performance, design, and pricing.

While Nexe CPU water blocks retain their classic design and main components, Nexe GPU water blocks use a modular approach. The GPU water block consists of a universal cooling core or platform tailored to various GPU models and a heatsink that covers the PCB. A single Nexe GPU cooling core can cool an RTX 4090 graphics card, actively cooling the GPU and VRAM. Other components on the PCB are cooled using an aluminium extrusion with a high surface area tailored for each GPU model.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of creating an open-loop cooling system is measuring and cutting the tubes, threading the fittings, and fastening the compression rings. Nexe removes all threads in favour of simple push-in fittings that lock in place. The Nexe cooling loop is driven by the pump-reservoir combo set, which uses a D5 pump. A less expensive alternative to the D5 is the DTX, which still has substantially more power than a typical AIO pump. The two Quick Disconnect (QDC) fittings pre-installed on the combination unit allow for rapid filling and loop maintenance across the whole loop.

With maintenance in mind, EK also revealed the EK-Pro DFF Unit, a solution for swiftly filling, correctly maintaining, and servicing liquid-cooled gaming and workstation configurations. The unit is attached to four huge containers: one for fresh coolant, one for cleaning solution, one for flushing agent, and one for garbage. This allows it to run complex programmes that cycle through pressurising the loop, filling it with the special EK cleaning agent and recirculating it for a set amount of time, flushing the entire system with the purpose-made flushing solution, and finally refilling the loop with fresh coolant, all with the push of a button.

The DFF machine can be used with other liquid cooling systems besides EK's Nexe and Pro lines. The plan also includes conversion adapters to convert any ordinary custom loop product on the market to DFF compatibility. The female push-in fitting adapter has a male G1/4 thread, whereas the male version has a female G1/4 thread.

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