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Hyte debuts new peripherals, fans and coolers at Computex 2023

Hyte has announced quite a few things recently. They're expanding their Nexus ecosystem with various components that use a new interface called Nexus Link, including RGB strips and a controller. Alongside this expansion, Hyte is introducing a new keyboard powered by Nexus, the Keeb TKL, in addition to the new 120mm FT12 fan and the Thicc Q60, the company's first AIO liquid CPU cooler.

The Nexus Link interface is a single cable standard that simplifies cable management and establishes seamless communication between the Nexus software and hardware nodes. By combining power, fan control, lighting control, and sensor data into a single connection, Nexus Link reduces clutter and streamlines the overall system setup. Furthermore, it allows for a cohesive RGB lighting universe, integrating various third-party peripherals within the Nexus ecosystem.

One key component in this expansion is the NP50 Nexus Portal. This serves as a gateway to the Nexus ecosystem, providing fan, lighting control and thermal and acoustic sensing. With three Nexus Link Type-C channels, it enables you to connect a variety of components. Additionally, PWM fan control and 3-pin ARGB outputs allow for the customisation and control of third-party components. The NP50 is designed to fit into a 2.5-inch bay for easy installation and includes a cover shroud to assist with cable management.

Hyte also presented the PQ10 and PQ30 qRGB light strips. Featuring a 24-bit colour depth, they can further enhance your rig's lighting aesthetics. The PQ10 features a 33 cm, 20-pixel qRGB array, while the larger PQ30 boasts a 1 m, 62-pixel qRGB array. Connecting to the Nexus Link ecosystem is made via a Type-C connector. Equipped with neodymium magnets, these light strips can easily attach to any system. Alternatively, adhesive mounting clips are included for non-metal surfaces.

The Keeb TKL keyboard is the last Powered by Nexus product on the list. With 93 remappable keys, it should meet the needs of most users. The keyboard features Durock Creamy Yellow 55g factory-lubricated linear switches, ensuring smooth and satisfying keystrokes. There are also Durock V2 gold-plated stabilisers that contribute to a high-end typing experience. The Keeb TKL's polycarbonate body diffuses a 155-pixel qRGB array, illuminating the double shot, shine-through PBT keycaps. The keyboard also includes a customisable dual rotary wheel in the top left corner and dedicated media keys with low-profile blue clicky switches for convenient access and control. It connects to systems via a USB Type-C to Type-C cable.

The THICC Q60 sets itself apart with its extremely thick radiator, measuring 120 x 288 x 52 mm. This makes it one of the thickest AIO coolers on the market. Within the heat exchanger, dual harmonic pumps deliver sufficient power to propel the coolant through the Q60. Simplifying the overall setup, the Q60 utilizes a single power cable attached to the heat exchanger, eliminating the need for additional cable management.

Alongside the Q60, Hyte introduces two new 120mm THICC FT12 fans. These can be daisy-chained, and Nexus Link Type-M magnetic couplers facilitate their connection to the heat exchanger. The FT12 fans feature blades constructed with liquid crystal polymer, resulting in a more rigid design that offers higher tolerance and improved performance. Each FT12 fan also houses a thermal sensor to measure air temperature and fan orientation, providing valuable data feedback to the Nexus software. The FT12 fans boast a speed range of 500 to 2,000 RPMs and feature zero RPM capability. Hyte's FT12 fans will be available in packs of three and include a Nexus Link Type-M to Nexus Link Type-C cable to connect to other Nexus-controlled devices and a PWM to Nexus Link Type-M cable to connect to standard PWM connectors.

The NP50 Nexus Portal, PQ10 and PQ30 light strips, Thicc Q60 AIO and FT12 fans are all expected to hit the market globally in September 2023. The NP50 will come with an MSRP of $59.99. The PQ10 will be offered in a three-pack, while the PQ30 will come in a two-pack. Each pack will go for $29.99. As for the THICC Q60 AIO, it costs $299.99. Lastly, the THICC FT12 Fans (three-pack) will be priced at $79.99.

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