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MSI CoreLiquid AIO CPU coolers will support AMD’s AM5 socket

The first AMD AM5-compatible processors should be coming later this year, and CPU cooler makers are already preparing for the change. This week, MSI announced that its CoreLiquid CPU coolers will support the upcoming AM5 socket. 

MSI isn't the first company stating that its cooler will support the new AMD socket. Noctua did it a few days ago, but the MSI CoreLiquid coolers won't need any new brackets.

Besides the AM4/5 brackets included with the cooler, users will also need to have the AMD stock backplate coming with the motherboard. You can check if your MSI AIO CPU cooler will be compatible with AMD's AM5 socket in the table below:

MEG Series MPG Series MAG Series
MEG CoreLiquid S360 MPG CoreLiquid K360 V2 MAG CoreLiquid C360
MEG CoreLiquid S280 MPG CoreLiquid K240 V2 MAG CoreLiquid C280
MPG CoreLiquid K360 MAG CoreLiquid C240
MPG CoreLiquid K240 MAG CoreLiquid P360
MAG CoreLiquid P280
MAG CoreLiquid P240
MAG CoreLiquid 360R V2
MAG CoreLiquid 240R V2
MAG CoreLiquid 240R V2 White

Besides MSI CoreLiquid CPU coolers, upcoming cooling solutions from MSI should also support AMD's next-gen socket.

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