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Phanteks launches Glacier G30 Aorus water blocks and backplates

Phanteks has just announced two Glacier G30 Aorus bundles including a water block and a backplate for the GIGABYTE Aorus RTX 30 series graphics cards. The bundles will be available in black and chrome, allowing users to choose which one fits their system better.

Compatible with the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3090/3080 Master/Xtreme graphics cards, the Glacier G30 Aorus bundle offers a clean and simple design. The water block in the bundle is built from premium components, including an aluminium cover, a nickel-plated copper base, a clear transparent acrylic top, and industrial Viton sealing for increased durability.

Designed to cover the whole PCB, the water block transfers the heat from the GPU through a 6mm copper base, which is then transferred to a big surface area with reduced flow resistance. The water block has D-RGB lighting that can be synchronised with other Phanteks’ D-RGB accessories or third-party components.

The CNC machined backplate included in the bundle also covers the whole length of the PCB, just like the water block. The backplate comes with thermal pads to be between it and the back of the PCB to improve the VRAM and VRM cooling.

The Phanteks Glacier G30 Aorus bundles are available now from Overclockers UK for £189.95.

KitGuru says: Are you planning to build a custom loop with one or more Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3090/3080 Master/Xtreme graphics cards? Would you consider the Glacier G30 Aorus block and backplate for it?

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