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Computex 2019: 8Pack returns with new mega systems and liquid cooling gear

During our wander around the halls of Computex today, Leo had a chance to catch up with 8Pack to check out his all new £15,000 PC build and the all new range of liquid cooling gear. 

This week during Computex, Overclockers UK launched the new 8Pack Supernova XL system, coming in at around £15,000. This time around, Ian ‘8Pack' Parry chose to showcase the CaseLabs STH10, giving CaseLabs one final moment in the sun following the company's closure last year. As you can see in our video above, the Supernova XL is an extremely well built system, centred around the Intel Core i9-9900XE CPU. an ASUS ROG Rampage Xtreme Omega X299 motherboard, 128GB of DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z memory, two Nvidia RTX 2080Ti graphics cards and two water cooling loops to keep all of the temperatures in check.

8Pack also walked us through one of his more ‘mainstream' systems too, also built in a CaseLabs chassis. This one uses an Intel Core i9-9900K instead, in addition to an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula motherboard, two RTX 2080Ti GPUs and G.Skill memory. This one is all watercooled and overclocked as well, bumping the CPU up past 5GHz and the two RTX 2080Tis have a 2050MHz core clock. The memory uses Samsung B-die ICs, which are notoriously good for overclocking, in this system, the RAM settles at 3600MHz with CL16 latency.

Aside from new systems, 8Pack is also developing a new range of innovative liquid cooling hardware. The new range is still in development but there are interesting ideas in play. 8Pack goes over most of the details in the video but the general idea is that these new water blocks make changes to the inlet/outlet system. Right now, most water blocks use a single strip down the middle for inlet/outlet but these new blocks that 8Pack is working on are specifically tuned on a CPU by CPU basis. Tests are run on each CPU die and then an interchangeable plate is placed in that acts sort of like a shower head, pushing coolant directly over the heat generating areas for better performance.

This new method also means that cooling performance scales higher depending on pump speed and the amount of coolant you are cycling through the block. Right now, the aim is to be around 3-5°C better than competing water blocks but further improvements will come over time.

KitGuru Says: It is always a pleasure catching up with 8Pack and checking out the new builds. The new liquid cooling hardware in particular sounds very interesting. 

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