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Phanteks’ new T30 fans aim to deliver ‘unprecedented cooling performance’

Phanteks has not one, but two big launches today. Not only are we seeing the release of the T30-120 cooling fans, aiming to be the best 120mm fans on the market, but Phanteks is also launching the new Glacier One 240 T30 AIO liquid cooler.

Developed in collaboration with SUNON, the new Phanteks T30-120mm fan incorporates liquid crystal polymer material to achieve “unprecedented cooling performance and acoustics”. The fan thickness has been increased to 30mm and the fan blades are now 25 percent larger, resulting in higher airflow performance and a better noise to airflow ratio. This is all done with just 0.5mm clearance between the fan blade and the inner frame, which reduces turbulence and further improves noise output.

These fans will be available separately, but they'll also be shipping with the new Glacier One 240 T30 AIO liquid cooler. Utilising a thicker 38mm radiator, this cooler aims to deliver the performance you would expect from a 360mm AIO cooler, but in a smaller 240mm package.

Other features of the cooler include flexible braided tubing, Tube Clips for routing cables, and support for most major sockets all the way up to Threadripper. D-RGB lighting is included and Intel's upcoming LGA Socket 1700 will be supported at release through Phanteks' customer service.

The Phanteks T30-120 fan will be available as a single unit, or in a triple pack, for £25.99 or £74.99 respectively. The Glacier One 240 T30 cooler will be available for £149.99 via Overclockers UK.

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KitGuru Says: Phanteks' new fans and cooler are looking good on paper. Are any of you due for a cooling upgrade? What do you think of the latest from Phanteks? 

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