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Antec Kühler H2O K240 Review

The Antec Kühler H2O K240 packaging shows a nice large picture of the cooler itself, while also highlighting some of its more unique features such as its SATA power connection for the pump, and PTFE (teflon coated) tubing. A reference to the ultra-thin CPU block is also present, however, it is worth noting that the block does not have the pump built in as advertised. The pump is actually mounted in the radiator.

In the box we find the cooler itself, two 4 pin PWM blue LED fans and an accessory pack.

A warranty/installation guide is included, a host of mounting brackets and pieces for all current CPU sockets, as well as some older ones.

Alongside mounting hardware, a 4 pin PWM splitter cable is included for connecting both the fans to your motherboards CPU header. It’s nice to see this is braided to match the braid on the fans.

All of the mounting hardware is separated to speed up the installation process, and this is the same for the fans which each come bagged with case fan screws, as well as both long and short radiator screws.


The cooler itself feels nice and solid and the tubing is braided with a Teflon coating which is good to see. It looks and feels tough and at 35cm long, there is plenty of tubing to reach around your case. The radiator itself with the integrated pump is slightly longer than a typical 240mm rad but only by a centimetre or so – 13mm when compared to a Corsair Hydro Series H100i.

The block is low profile at 50mm tall and pretty simple when compared to other AIO liquid cooler blocks. There are no LEDs, and no pump within the block – so no cables to trail across your motherboard.

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