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Coolit ECO A.L.C. Review

The Coolit ECO A.L.C. has been well researched as a concept design and subsequently developed since the release of the Domino – they have taken onboard user generated feedback and have improved the product in several key areas. People still intimidated by putting liquid in their computer could very well find this is the cooler to give them the final push because it is basically foolproof, unless you decide to drive your car over the unit before fitting.

There was a time when the more extreme enthusiast audience felt that these ‘all in one' units were not worth the liquid they contained, however for the target audience the ECO ALC is a particularly solid buy. The noise levels are respectable as our testing has shown and the cooling performance is also well in line with what we had hoped to expect.

On a performance level the ECO A.L.C. compares well with the class leading Corsair H50 and there is very little difference (if any) to report from our testing . The fitting of the ECO is easier however which may very well be the deciding factor especially when considering the very modest asking price of £55 in the UK and around $75 in the US. I can recommend this cooler to anyone in the market for a pain free, easy fitting all in one unit.

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Rating: 7.5.

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