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Coolit ECO A.L.C. Review

Idle temperatures were measured by turning on the system and letting it idle in Windows for 60 minutes. Load temperatures were achieved and recorded by running a scripted autoresponsive version of the KitGuru Photoshop Benchmark V1(4) while rendering a detailed composition in Maya 2011 to ensure all the cores were loaded under real world conditions.

The results show us that the Cooit ECO puts in a good showing and performs almost identically to the Corsair H50. That said, a good portion of our audience would be contemplating a liquid cooler for overclocking and to give a better indication of performance we increased the CPU  by almost a gigahertz to 4.2ghz – to achieve this we had to increase core voltage to 1.4.

Again the results show the Coolit ECO putting in an almost class leading performance, just losing out slightly to the Corsair H50, however it is worth saying that the results are so minor that in real world terms they would not be noticeable. There are significant improvements when compared to the aging Domino.

To record the noise of the cooler we disabled all chassis fans and set each cooler to its maximum respective settings – this is the most accurate way to attain the noise levels of each liquid cooler without getting misleading background influenced information. While the airflow from each cooler will not be identical this is irrelevant to the result as many users who overclock will be using the highest setting on the cooler they purchase. We measured from a distance of around 20 inches which we felt was a good indication of a realistic distance from the case.

The results confirm that the Corsair H50 is the quietest of the coolers however being subjective, the differences were not noticeable to my ears. This is also strictly a worst case scenario as most people would be using the automated settings anyway.

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