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Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid Cooler Review

The Corsair H100 box is a very attractive design, sure to stand out in a retail store.

The top of the box pulls open to reveal the bundle inside. The cooler itself is shipped inside heavy duty cardboard sure to withstand some serious abuse during shipping.

The bundle includes the radiator, two 120mm fans, literature on the installation process and all the necessary mounting brackets and screws for both AMD and Intel platforms.

The manual is well written and easy to follow … always a plus point. There are two sides to the manual, one for AMD and the other for INTEL systems. In the image above (second row, bottom right), there is a backplate, a fan header extension cable and the AMD mounting brackets.

Corsair supply two quality 120mm fans, each of which ends in a 3 pin fan header.

These are attached to the CPU block as can be seen in the image above.

We immediately noticed the superb quality of the radiator, which unlike some others we have received in the past, was unmarked and in perfect condition. The FEP tubing is slightly more difficult to work with, due to the rigidity but there are many plus points to using this particular design.

For instance there will be very little, if any, liquid evaporation over a long period of time. The cables are also really tough and can cope with rough handling. The hoses can rotate at the head, making positioning and adjustment really easy.

The CPU block contains 4 headers for direct fan control. This also helps improve system routing during the build phase. The cooler connects to the motherboard via a standard pin header and it takes power from a molex connector.

The H100 has a ‘Corsair Link Digital Temp Sensor’ for connection to a Corsair Link Commander unit, which is available separately. With this extra unit you can monitor pump speed, coolant temperature, fan speed and even set up custom performance profiles. There is a button on the top of the H100 block which controls various fan speeds (and therefore noise levels). We look at this on the performance page later in the review.

The H100 cooling block utilizes a split flow manifold. This means that when the liquid flows into the block in the center it flows out at the sides, before circulating back into the radiator. Corsair say that this system ensures improved cooling as the liquid absorbs heat from the hottest area of the CPU heatspreader.

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