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Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid Cooler Review

The Corsair H100 is really a very simple cooler to install, and an improvement over their older Asetek built units. We are using an Asus Rampage III Black Edition motherboard for the review today.

The Intel backplate simply slots into position behind the board.

Above, an image of how easy it is to install. We simply removed both side panels with the motherboard already installed in the case and positioned the backplate.

Four double ended screws (with a center section to match the height of the CPU in the board) are bolted into the backplate from the front.

The H100 block is attached, then four screws are threaded in to hold the block in place

The screws can be then tightened with a driver. Be sure not to overtighten. Mounting pressure is a strong point with this particular design.

The two 120mm fans are then attached into the CPU block (this can be done beforehand if you want).

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