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Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 Cooler Review

Rating: 9.0.

Many of you reading this will have overclocked a processor at one time or another – we all love added performance for no extra cost. For those who have yet to pop their OC cherry, then the first course of action is to get hold of a good cooler. This is important as overclocking generates extra heat, which in turn can cause instability and even in worst cases hardware failure.

Xigmatek have a good reputation for releasing high quality Direct Touch heat pipe coolers, such as with their popular  HDT-S1283 heatsink. They have recently released new D.L.H.D.T.: Double Layer with Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology incorporated. The naming convention is broken down into component parts : 12CM sized fan, 8mm heat-pipes x 2, 6mm heat pipes x 4 (making ‘128264’).

The Aegir SD128264 cooler we are looking at today supports AMD AM2/AMD2+/AM3 and Core i3, i5, i7 (LGA 1156), Core i7 (LGA 1356).

Aegir SD128264 Features

  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology.
  • Support for LGA775/1156/1366; AM2/AM2+/AM3.
  • Dual fan installed option and Anti-vibration rubbers attached.
  • Double layer HDT & Double performance.
  • 2pcs Φ8mm & 4pcs Φ6mm high performance heat-pipes.
  • PWM fan to adjust the power of the fan efficiently.
  • Anti-vibration rubbers prevent vibration and absorb noise.
  • Mounting system, Spring-Screw and consolidate back plate.
  • Friendly installation.

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  • Tri Color

    Well I think I got my next cooler. looks awesome.

  • Sam

    Pat on the back for Xigmatek. About time someone changed the mounting system for mainstream coolers as they are woefull INADEQUATE ! they deserve a lot of attention for this.

  • Tech Head

    Thanks for focusing on the installation method, other reviews ive read ignored it, and to me it seems the biggest selling point (as it really works!).

  • Brian Stevens

    I have been trying to buy this for weeks now, any ideas when it will be available in UK ?

  • Jerry

    That mounting procedure looks long winded, but its very clever. I guess its impotrant how much pressure is applied to the CPU for maximum cooling, right?

  • Colin Morrow

    Finally a company who dont have their head up their ass. I have been unimpressed with thermaltakes coolers. Frio isn;t bad, but at anything above minimum its a whirlwind of noise.

    This cooler looks to be very well though out and instead of aiming for sheer mass (like noctua NH D14), they have concentrated on getting the cpu block as good as possible, and as close as possible. This is a stunning product and they will get my money. great review.

  • Phillip Best

    ingenious mounting method, looks very substantial. ill pick one of these up after christmas for my new mobo.

  • Roger

    ill order one of these when I can find it.

  • Thomas

    I have one of their older coolers andi t was great, ill upgrade nearer christmas to this.

  • Bret

    Excellent, I also like the fact it isnt too big and doesnt end up blocking half the motherboard.