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GTX580’s hit retail, ahead of official release

We reported earlier today that Yoyotech in the UK listed the GTX580 for sale at £399 inc vat, a price point lower than many people expected. The early release dates aren’t just restricted to the UK however.

$499 ain't a bad price, if this is the final deal

Not to be outdone, other stores across the net are now listing the GTX580 for sale, including SabrePC with the eVGA model listed for $499.99. PNY have their GTX580 listed in Canada for $566. MSI’s card has also been listed in Canada for $568.

Now PC Superstore has also unveiled its offering at just $562.  Apparently this one is brand new and factory sealed.

KitGuru has hunted around Europe and it appears that the local marketing operation is doing a good job in keeping the stores under control. Only American stores have jumped the gun for EVGA so far.

To be honest, with the full card specifications having been leaked last week by partner ASUS, there doesn’t seem to be much point in hiding anymore anyway.

KitGuru says: nVidia haven’t been able to keep the NDA, with stores all over the globe listing the products for sale.

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