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Zotac Extreme Edition GTX580 released in Asia

Zotac have released a stunning, customised version of nVidia's GTX580 powerhouse, but so far it is only scheduled to appear in the Asian marketplace. Expreview managed to get some pictures of the card. This card features a non reference design with a 16 phase VRM with high grade chokes and …

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Second GTX580 review published before NDA breaks

Well it appears another GTX580 review has hit the net, ahead of the 2pm NDA launch date. This time MadboxPC have their analysis of the GTX580 online. The english translation of the review can be seen over here. And the english translation of the conclusion page can be read here. …

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nVidia GTX580 also surfaces in Poland

With yesterday's unofficial launch of the GTX580 graphics card, the world plus dog seems to be getting in on the act. KitGuru pulls out its world atlas and started to hunt down the leading suppliers of nVidia's new monolithic card. nVidia must be so happy that everyone is loving the …

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GTX580’s hit retail, ahead of official release

We reported earlier today that Yoyotech in the UK listed the GTX580 for sale at £399 inc vat, a price point lower than many people expected. The early release dates aren't just restricted to the UK however. Not to be outdone, other stores across the net are now listing the …

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GTX580 water cooled units ready to ship in November

To honour the launch of nVidia's 512 stream GTX580, KitGuru has adopted a multi-stream approach to keeping you up to date on all of the information you need to know ahead of next week's launch. We have already processed, shaded, tessellated and output 3 stunning little pixels of need-to-know info …

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Can GTX580 really deliver everything using less than 290w ?

KitGuru has been scanning the airwaves, intercepting messages all over the place. We have already delivered 2 incisive articles today already on the GTX580, and there are plenty more to come it seems. To be honest, we've seen sieves that retain water longer than Taiwanese contractor can hold a trade …

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