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ASUS leak reveals full GTX 580 specifications and price

KitGuru spends all day long scanning the interwibble for new and interesting information. Moments ago, all of the alarms in the KitGuru Labs chimed as a new web page went live on the Asus web site. KitGuru reveals all.

Here’s the screen grab:-

GTX 580 specifications in full (and in Chinese!)

So now we know that GTX580 will have 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory via a 384 bit bus running at 4,008MHz effective.

Why do you need so much bandwidth?

Keeping the 772MHz GPU core fed with geometric data, that’s why.

The price shown translates as £446 – which is damn close to KitGuru’s existing, printed prediction!

More details to follow!

KitGuru says: You gotta love the KitGuru spiders

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  • Tim

    £450 quid? time to start saving chaps 😉

  • Roger

    ill pass, I think its too much for my 1080p screen 😉

  • Johnny Derp

    Does it come with liquid nitrogen cooling and 1500W PSU combo deal?

  • …………Pass

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