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Radeon HD 6800 pricing shambles

After working tirelessly for several days in the KitGuru Lab, our technicians are only now coming out into the grey autumn light and blinking like moles. With all of the reviews published, we now have time to analyse what just happened. The cards are great, AMD’s partners worked overtime to …

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Akasa Venom Cooler Review

Enthusiast PC users are rarely satisfied with the performance or appearance of reference bundled CPU coolers. These coolers are either not good enough, too loud or lack aesthetic appeal to be installed inside a very carefully designed system. This alone explains the huge demand for aftermarket cooling solutions and the …

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Spire TherMax Eclipse II Cooler Review

High performance coolers are much loved by the KitGuru audience and today we are going to review a cooler from Spire, a European manufacturer. This is a product we believe our readers will find rather intriguing. After all, the company claims that “this towering cooler is built to deliver the …

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Understanding the different UPS systems

There are many UPS systems available to the home and business consumer … however many people aren’t aware of the differences. It is very common for even an experienced enthusiast to be confused over the different UPS styles or even be unaware of their existence. Additionally, a large percentage believe …

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