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YOYOTech slashes GTX580 price by almost £60

We’re not in the habit of flagging individual deals from resellers, but every now and then you come across something that’s so far outside the norm that you need to step back, check the facts and let your jaw drop slowly down. This seems to be one of those moments.

Overall, nVidia’s GTX580 card is a giant in its own right – even the standard models rock the benchmarking graphs.

When you take the Asus Direct CU II model into account, then it’s even more impressive, because the improved copper cooling system reduces both noise and core temperatures.

After benchmarking the GTX580 6-ways from Sunday, Zardon came to the conclusion that “If you have £500 to spare and you want the highest frame rates possible across a single high resolution display, then this is the card to get”. The important point here is the reference to £500. We’ll get to that in a second.

Performance-wise, here’s an idea of how the card stacked up against the other single GPU cards in the market. We’ve included 3DMark Vantage – but the results were, pretty much, universally the same.

Without adding in a second GPU core, this is pretty much what you get in benchmarks

So if you go to a specialist online store, today, how much are you likely to pay for this card?

Well, at the time of typing, Overclockers seems to have the Asus GTX580 at £399.98 inc vat.

Compared to other sites, this price isn't bad. It's £100 under the original launch price.

So, enough preamble, what’s the YOYOTech deal that’s got us all hot and bothered?

It seems that the central London outfit are pushing these GTX580 cards out the door at just £339.93.   That would make them a whopping £60 cheaper than suppliers as competitive as Overclockers. Very unusual – and well worth flagging to the KitGuru audience. It’s a bargain.

We’ve heard nothing from our sources at NV HQ about a general price cut on its high-end GTX cards, so maybe this is something that’s been organised by nVidia locally.

For details about stock levels etc, you can check out the deal yourself here.  When you click on the link, you should get a page like this.

We've checked and it does seem real. Asus GTX580 at £60 less than companies like Overclockers. Nice.

KitGuru says: The major resellers are normally within £5-15 of each other. Very rare to find a single company, with stock, that’s £60 under the opposition. This was a ‘Must Have’ when it was close to £500 – so when it’s £140 below that level, it’s damned attractive!  With a price move of this magnitude, it makes you wonder what the Radeon HD counter-punch might look like??

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  • Trevor

    damn thats a mega price, going to pick one up later today

  • Rufus

    I tried to order one but their site is down? ill try and get one later

  • 8ret

    I cant see them making much money on this at that price. thats the profit margin gone as far as I can tell.

  • jonsie

    Went through to the site ok, deal seems real and checking the Froogles out ther, I don’t see anyone else close. These guys have a shop, right? It’s not a garage in Birmingham or something?

  • David

    Yeah its a real store in london, good shop too. I agree though, their website is hideous looking, it would put me off buying from them. but they are legit.

  • Paddie

    Are you guys getting a cut of this? that site looks like a kids homepage, never heard of them. might risk passing over my credit card later.

  • faith

    The store’s real enough – well worth a visit if you’re in London.

    Has all the right kind of stock

    Try this link for an in-store pic

  • Cheesy

    Damn!!! If only I waited a week! Damn YoyoTech! Damn you 😛