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Powercolor HD6850 Single Slot CrossfireX Review

Rating: 8.0.

One of AMD’s most active partners in recent months has been PowerColor. They have been releasing a wide selection of quality HD6000 series cards with custom PCB and proprietary cooler designs. Today we are looking at an affordable CrossfireX configuration which will work perfectly inside a chassis with limited physical space. The PowerColor HD6850 Single Slot cards can work in 2, 3 and 4 way Crossfire configurations, ensuring good future proofing if high resolution gaming is top on your list of priorities.

Today we are testing two of these svelte, attractive cards with a wide cross section of the latest, and older classic game engines.

HD6850 Single Slot Edition
Core Speed 775MHz
Memory Speed 1000MHz(4.0Gbps)
Memory 1GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 256bit
Eyefinity Yes
DirectX® 11
CrossFireX™ Yes
Output DL-DVI-I/ HDMI/2x mini DisplayPort

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  • Davy

    I admire powercolor for all the cool designs recently. I think they are on the rise as more people are buying their hardware (but maybe im wrong?)

  • Frogger

    I bought one of these last month and have been very happy with it. I did notice that the thermal paste application was poor , and that by applying my own temperatures dropped a good 5 c

  • Calvin

    I like their hardware, ive owned a few cards and they have been fine. I know sapphier get all the applause, but nothing wrong with PC.

  • 0ptix

    Id prefer two of these to a GTX580, Direct X performance is clearly much better

  • Mark

    You guys forget about the driver reliance. AMD are still slow updating drivers to support games. id have most of the games beaten by the time id have the profile for it.

    ill pass

  • Lannish

    Nice cards, but no need for single slot for my system, ive been looking to upgrade, but I might wait on 7 series, cant be that far ahead now. maybe end of year.

  • Colm

    Whats their warranty in the UK?

  • Trevor

    THe power consumption is excellent. AMD really have that sorted with the latest cards.

    I dont think a single card card lasts as long as a dual slot, they tend to run hotter all over and things ‘burn out’ over time. its a risk with this design, especially in a media center.

  • Brooke

    I admire powercolor for making so many cool designs, outside the reference AMD plans.

    These particular cards arent for me, but I dig their overall progress in this market recently.

  • iain

    Yeah thats good value for money, but with the yoyotech GTX580 being sold for £330 (asus direct CU II!) it knocks this off the ‘great deal’ imo.

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