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Powercolor Passively cooled HD6850 revealed

Powercolor have really been delivering the goods in 2010 and their latest model might not sound too exciting until we point out that it is a passively cooled HD6850! Kitguru loved the XFX HD5670 and Sapphire HD5670 passively cooled solutions as they were ideal for media centers and people who …

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Powercolor unleash the PCS+ HD6850

The HD6850 has proved popular with AMD’s partners, with many releasing custom cooled solutions with overclocked settings, out of the box. Powercolor are the latest to offer an overclocked card with a custom designed cooler which looks to be tickling the tastebuds of the discerning enthusiast user. The Powercolor PCS+ …

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XFX HD6850 CrossFireX review

When nVidia released the GTX460, everyone was literally blown away – this was a mid range card that utterly dominated the market and delivered staggering levels of performance, particularly when overclocked. AMD had left a big hole in its range, from the 5770 to the 5850 – with only the …

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AMD HD6870 and HD6850 benchmarks get leaked

Today we noticed that Hexus have translated some information from chinese website xfastest.com. They have shown some benchmark figures from the upcoming HD6850 and HD6870. Both of these cards have already been pictured and leaked on various Far East sites (shame on you guys!), but this is the first benchmark …

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