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Powercolor Passively cooled HD6850 revealed

Powercolor have really been delivering the goods in 2010 and their latest model might not sound too exciting until we point out that it is a passively cooled HD6850!

Kitguru loved the XFX HD5670 and Sapphire HD5670 passively cooled solutions as they were ideal for media centers and people who wanted to build a crossfire rig with minimal noise. The fact that Powercolor have managed to deliver a HD6850 without an active cooling system is extremely impressive. We have no further information on clock speeds but we would assume it is pretty close to the reference figures. We can see it takes one 6 pin power connector and is Crossfire capable. Two of these in CFx without a single dBa of noise sounds like a mighty appealing configuration to us.

Kitguru says: We want !

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  • Tech Head

    Now this has seriously impressed me. 5670 is a good achievement, but 6850? passively cooled? cant wait to see this up close.

  • Larry

    Id like to see a review of this please. KG style 🙂

  • Thomas

    6850 passively cooled? seriously? fuck thats awesome. review please.

  • Joe

    well color me impressed. Powercolor just went up in my views. Hopefully it doesnt melt lol