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Powercolor unleash the PCS+ HD6850

The HD6850 has proved popular with AMD’s partners, with many releasing custom cooled solutions with overclocked settings, out of the box. Powercolor are the latest to offer an overclocked card with a custom designed cooler which looks to be tickling the tastebuds of the discerning enthusiast user.

The Powercolor PCS+ HD6850 is clocked at 820mhz core and 1100mhz memory which should give it a decent speed bump over the reference version. The cooler is based around a 90mm fan with 3 copper heat pipes to remove heat efficiently from the core. If the overclocking is anything like the XFX Black Edition we recently reviewed then it should get close to 1ghz on the core.

They are also bundling Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which while rather old now, is still a kick ass game.

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