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AMD HD6870 and HD6850 benchmarks get leaked

Today we noticed that Hexus have translated some information from chinese website xfastest.com. They have shown some benchmark figures from the upcoming HD6850 and HD6870.

Both of these cards have already been pictured and leaked on various Far East sites (shame on you guys!), but this is the first benchmark information we have seen to date. Obviously they are running on pre-release drivers so the scores can be taken lightly.

What it does show however is that the new HD6870 and HD6850 are not direct replacements for the five series cards with the same naming conventions.

KitGuru says: It looks right now that the 6900 series cards will be replacements for the high end 5800 series cards out today. Naming conventions have never been AMD’s strong point, as this would further verify. We are sure this is going to cause a fair bit of confusion with the enthusiast audience.

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