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eVGA GTX460 FTW Review (versus Reference HD5870)

Rating: 9.0.

We have reviewed many GTX460’s on KitGuru over the last month and we are confident that this nVidia product is quite possibly the best value for money gaming card on the market today, bar none. It has won our highest awards, and deservedly so.

We have already compared the GTX460’s against 5850’s, 5830’s and even older nVidia cards, but today we want to look at it in a completely different context. eVGA were kind enough to supply us with their GTX460 FTW Edition, a card which is supplied at the highest possible ‘out of the box’ clocks – 850mhz on the core and 1000mhz (4000mhz effective) on the memory.

What would the outcome be if we compared this card against the market leading HD5870 at £300 inc vat – around £100 more than the eVGA GTX460 FTW, which is on sale now for £200 inc vat? Is this an unfair pairing for eVGA? or can this little powerhouse possibly hang onto the HD5870 when it comes to outright gaming performance levels?

This is what we plan on finding out today … so hold onto your shirt tails, this is going to get messy.

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  • John

    Briliant idea for a review Zardon. that little bugger can fairly fly! fantastic value for money.

  • Tim

    very impressive card. I love the looks too, its so simple in design without colours and stickers all over it.

  • Eric K

    Christ, those 460s are killer. Surprised me how good it is in some of those engines. Is lost planet 2 any good ?

  • Tri Color

    460GTX is the only good card nvidia have released all year. after that shocking 430 earlier this week its nice this was up to redress the results.

    Good balanced reviewing. Z

  • Bradley

    I rarely see eVGA cards for sale in my region. Are they having supply issues?

  • When Harry did Sally

    I love eVGA products, such a shame to see BFG die t his year 🙁 hope this card seels a lot for them, but I cant buy it, even if I wanted. its not listed over here in Canada anywhere.

  • Gertt

    Well that was a right kick in the nuts for AMD there. stonking performance all round. This card would have dominated, but it seems far too late for me to be a big seller, especially with 6870 and 6850 about to hit the scene 🙁

  • Tech Head

    If nvidia had gotten the 460 to launch in march/april it would be owning the market, sadly after a few months sales, id suspect they are startign to dry up now, with people hanging around for 6850/70. Too many mistakes for nvidia this year.

    Oh yeah, the rest of their range sucks too, which isnt helping consumer confidence.

  • fluffychicken

    id still prefer the HD5870, but the pricing in the market is all over the place.

    Lets have a look.

    HD5870, great card but under pressure from 460. so it seems expensive.
    HD5850, its getting whipped by 460
    HD5830 – dead
    HD5770 – big seller, good pricing
    HD5670 – again, great media card, good seller

    GTX480 – overpriced, too hot and the performance leader, but no one cares, apart from people out to break 3dmark scores.
    GTX470 – dead
    GTX465 – who cares
    GTX460 – too late, but leading the way, making the 470 and 465 mean nothing anymore
    GTS450 – crap
    GT430 – overpriced and rubbish.

    Pricing is all wrong with both sides ! Nvidia have the GTX460 priced too low and the other 450 and 430 too high !

  • Larry

    just ordered the superclocked from scan. great price.

  • Choas

    the 460 continues to surprise me great cards for their price

  • Lobster

    Just ordered one of these from Scan for just over £180. Gonna have to make up another PCI-e power cable as my 600w PSU only has one output for GFX. Simple job with a few molex connectors and a PCI-e plug. Will be interesting to see the improvement over my 8800GT 😉