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eVGA GTX460 FTW Review (versus Reference HD5870)

Rating: 9.0.

We have reviewed many GTX460’s on KitGuru over the last month and we are confident that this nVidia product is quite possibly the best value for money gaming card on the market today, bar none. It has won our highest awards, and deservedly so.

We have already compared the GTX460’s against 5850’s, 5830’s and even older nVidia cards, but today we want to look at it in a completely different context. eVGA were kind enough to supply us with their GTX460 FTW Edition, a card which is supplied at the highest possible ‘out of the box’ clocks – 850mhz on the core and 1000mhz (4000mhz effective) on the memory.

What would the outcome be if we compared this card against the market leading HD5870 at £300 inc vat – around £100 more than the eVGA GTX460 FTW, which is on sale now for £200 inc vat? Is this an unfair pairing for eVGA? or can this little powerhouse possibly hang onto the HD5870 when it comes to outright gaming performance levels?

This is what we plan on finding out today … so hold onto your shirt tails, this is going to get messy.

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