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eVGA GTX460 FTW Review (versus Reference HD5870)

The GTX460 FTW is supplied in the stereotypical eVGA box design – no dragons or semi naked ladies here, just the name of the product and the company. We like it.

The bundle is well balanced… there is a software CD, literature on the product, vga converter and a mini HDMI to HDMI cable, always a great addition. eVGA also bundle an ‘eVga GTX400 GPU’s’ sticker with this card, which is rather unusual.

The card itself is shipped in an antistatic bag, protected within a cardboard shell. It is a very understated card, but we like the eVGA designs, they always look as if they mean business.

The fan is an 11 blade inverted design and if you look closely you can see copper heatpipes.

After removing the cooler and cleaning off the thermal paste we can get a closer look at the heatsink. It is a copper/aluminum hybrid design with a dual heatpipe connecting directly to the core.

The eVGA GTX460 FTW has two dual link DVI connectors and a mini HDMI connector. As mentioned earlier eVGA also supply a very high quality mini HDMI to HDMI converter cable. As expected, the card follows the reference design, requiring two 6 pin power connectors.

This card is supplied in a highly overclocked state, running at 850mhz on the core and 1000mhz (4000mhz effective) on the GDDR5 memory. A reference GTX460 operates at 675mhz on the core and 900mhz (3600mhz effective) on the memory. We have looked at these cards many times before so we won’t bore you again with a detailed analysis of the hardware.

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