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Intel may shift introduction of Broadwell to Q3

Intel Corp. may speed up introduction of its next-generation microprocessors based on the code-named “Broadwell” micro-architecture, according to sources with knowledge of the chip giant’s plans. Previously it was expected that the “Broadwell” line of chips will be released sometime in Q4 of 2014. It is now planned that some “Broadwell” processors may be launched in the third quarter.

Intel’s code-named “Broadwell” central processing units (CPUs) will be the company’s first chips to be made using 14nm process technology with three-gate transistors. The new micro-architecture will closely resemble the “Haswell” micro-architecture, but will feature refinements aimed at reducing power consumption and boosting performance. In addition, the forthcoming microprocessors will likely feature more advanced integrated graphics adapter compared to Intel’s contemporary chips.

Back in October, 2013, Intel officially announced that it would delay mass production of “Broadwell” family of chips because of insufficient yields by one quarter, from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014.

“We continue to make progress with the industry's first 14nm manufacturing process and our second generation 3D transistors. Broadwell, the first product on 14nm is up and running as we demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum, last month. While we are comfortable with where we are at with yields, from a timing standpoint, we are about a quarter behind our projections. As a result, we are now planning to begin production in the first quarter of next year,” said Brian Krzanich, chief executive officer of Intel, during quarterly conference call with financial analysts.


While the delay would result into another quarter delay of formal introduction, we do know – and Intel’s roadmaps prove this – that Intel plans to release code-named “Haswell Refresh” chips in Q2 – Q3 2014 timeframe. Launching two new products in short period of time does not make a lot of sense since they will inevitably compete against each other. However, it looks like Intel does have plans to introduce “Broadwell” for at least some market segments as early as in Q3 2014, sources close to Intel have revealed.

The “Broadwell” chips Intel plans to release in the third quarter include processors with cut-down power consumption that will address notebook and small form-factor/all-in-one PC markets, according to sources. Documents seen by KitGuru indicate that Intel still considers “Haswell Refresh” chips as the main desktop product family till late in Q4 2014, when high-performance “Broadwell” chips are expected to arrive. Other details are unknown.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: New chips launching early is a good thing in general. We just need to understand the exact scale of this introduction…

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