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Intel unleash new $50 CPU upgrade cards

Intel have announced their intention to sell $50 ‘Processor Performance Upgrade Cards’ which people can buy to enhance the performance of their Intel CPU’s.

These cards unlock additional CPU features which are physically on the die but are disabled in their ‘sell state’.

CPU world have detailed that the Intel Pentium G6951 which is being sold with 3MB of Level 3 cache and hyperthreading disabled can have a full 4MB of Level 3 cache and also Hyperthreading can be enabled with the new upgrade cards. Details on other processors, potential upgrade plans and costs are yet to be confirmed by Intel.

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This system works via Windows 7 and a software package that users download from the Intel home site. A pin number is entered from the upgrade card and then the magic happens.

Intel have said that this upgrade is going to be useful for users who are looking to handle multitasking, photo editing and HD video editing as the hyperthreaded cores and extra cache will help boost performance.

As always however Intel are now opening themselves to modders and crackers who will surely decompile the code and supply hacked software to allow everyone with compatible processors the opportunity for a ‘free’ upgrade. It might take some time, but you can bet your bottom dollar that an illegal workaround will appear.

KitGuru says: Do you like this approach from Intel?

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  • Eric K

    What a weird concept. why on earth would they do this? makes little sense to me.

  • Fisshy

    There are two ways of looking at this.

    1. Intel are now Officially bastards for supplying you with a Chip with features disabled. Very good marketing decision, But annoyingly stupid at the same time.

    2. Free performance to anyone willing to Download a +/- 6MB Keygen That WILL exist shortly… SWEET!

  • another motive might be to get AMD followers to look Intel’s way, they really want to destroy AMD, its funny