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Nokia opting for Intel Atom in Nokia N9?

Insides sources are just after speaking with the KitGuru newsdesk with a report that Nokia are considering using Intel Atom processors inside their upcoming range of smartphones.

Our sources claim that the Nokia N9 is going to feature an Atom processor clocked at 1.2ghz or 1.4ghz. This phone is set to be feature loaded with a 12 mega pixel camera being one of the talking points.

Slide out QWERTY keyboard, front facing camera and high resolution screen are also bouncing around the rumour mill. A prototype of this phone could very well feature at the Mobile World Congress 2011 which is held in Barcelona in February.

We can’t verify this rumour as Nokia won’t release any technical data about upcoming phones, but we would find it surprising if this was the case as the Intel Atom processor while ideal for a netbook will consume a smaller mobile battery rather quickly, while generating a lot of heat. This could point to a new Atom chip in the wings, but again no confirmed information on this either.

KitGuru says: More smartphones to use Atom in 2011?

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