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Will the Xoom Tablet sell at $800?

We have been awaiting the Motorola Xoom with baited breath now for quite some time. This will be the first Android tablet to use V3.0 and it will be upgradable to a 4G connection. We heard some rumours behind closed doors this morning – it might cost a whopping $800.

We can't see a huge portion of the potential audience being willing to fork out $800 for a tablet, but we could be wrong. The whole purpose of the Android platform in the first place was to offer competitive priced competition to the expensive Apple product line, especially as it was proved that many people didn't buy the iPad due to the $500 asking price.

From what we hear Verizon in the US will get exclusive rights to supply the unit with their services and Best Buy are scheduled to be the supplier from February 17-20th.

Will this be the ultimate Tablet? The specifications certainly look impressive and running the state of the art Android 3.0 Operating system could very well push sales. But $800 will be a tough price for many people to swallow, except those gadget lovers with the highest level of disposable income.

KitGuru says: A big seller? We can't see it happening unless the price drops considerably.

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