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Woman hangs up on prize $10,000 call from Apple

Gail Davis, a woman from Orpington, England received a call from Apple offering a prize of $10,000 and she hung up the phone saying ‘Thank you very much, I’m not interested’. She had assumed it was a fake, spam related call looking for personal information.

Her household was the one from which the 10 billionth application had been downloaded from the Apple store. Apparently her daughters assured her that the call was indeed genuine – one of them had purchased the PaperGlider application. When she called back and got the Apple helpdesk, the person on the other end was less than helpful.

Davis was gutted, and she told the Cult Of Mac “The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a genuine call. The girls were getting quite tense. They never would have forgiven me. They would have held it against me for all eternity.”

Thankfully Apple called her back later, an associate of Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes. This time she didn’t refuse the prize.

We would assume her daughers are now speaking to her and that all is well in the Davis household. New 50 inch television set as well, we would imagine.

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