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Bloomberg confirms KitGuru’s story that Dirk Meyer is leaving AMD

Just seven hours after KitGuru broke the world exclusive story that Dirk Meyer was leaving AMD, the world’s major press are now leaping on to the day’s most important technology/corporate event and confirming that KitGuru got it 100% right, ahead of everyone.

First to take up KitGuru’s story was Steve at HardOCP, although at that stage he did not feel comfortable enough to classify it as more than a rumour.

Other technology sites, who are well aware of KitGuru’s reputation in this area, came on board soon enough.

The world’s news agencies followed in behind, sometime later.

Having grown substantially in 2010, AMD must have some amazing plans for the future if Dirk wasn't going fast enough. Speaking of speed and time to market...

However, most news editors waited several hours – until AMD had actually put out an official  blog entry saying that Dirk Meyer was leaving AMD because with him in charge the company could not grow quickly enough [Their words, not ours – Ed].

At the time of writing, neither the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal seem to have realised that AMD’s CEO position is open.

Update: We just noticed that the Wall Street Journal DID get the story at the 11th hour. Well, around the 11th PM hour, as this mini-screen grab confirms.


KitGuru says: Be warned, “KitGuru contains forward-looking statements”. We don’t really think it will take the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal 72 hours to find out what KitGuru readers knew much earlier today, but they should have the news by sometime tomorrow. Maybe you get it sooner if you pay/subscribe?

Comments below. Does anyone know if paid subscribers to the FT or WSJ would have been given KitGuru’s exclusive sooner than ‘the day after’ ?

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