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Intel kills 750 – crowns new champion

Word has just reached KitGuru that one of the most popular enthusiast CPUs in the world, the Core i5 750, has been handed a long sword, pointed in the direction of its family temple at dawn and told to cut out its main intestine before plunging the cold metal into its heart. Well, sort of.

“Once in a thousand generations, there comes a Golden Child” said the Eddie Murphy film. Intel's been banging them out with a little better frequency. Over the past 3 years, while AMD has been largely uncertain of it's overclocking ability, Intel has pushed through the Q6600, E7200, E8200 and the D zero stepping Core i7 920 – among others.

Not bad.

Until now, if you have sensible money for a new system, and you're happy to clock your processor nice and high, then the Core i5 750 is a cracking choice. It had the benefit of giving you Core i7 levels of performance, without the need for a triple channel platform. Nice.

Not any more though.

UK channel folk have told us that they're being told not to order the i5-750 anymore. Sad day for KitGuru.

From what we hear, the Core i5 750 has had its time in the light and will be replaced by the Core i5 760 in a classic Intel manoeuvre. The 760 will be sold at the same price point as the 750 until customers get the message – then it will be quietly dropped off the (road)map.

According to Intel, the price move needed to achieve parity will be less than £5.

While the 760 boasts 140MHz more on the stock clock, there's no indication that it will overclock any better.

KitGuru says: We prefer the original chips. The 7200 to the 7500 etc. Even if the chip is (really) the same, there's something about getting that extra 140MHz overclock yourself that's just more satisfying. We loved the 750, but will make do with the 760 until something better comes along.

If you'd like to see Zardon The Magnificent torture test a 750 against a 760 to see if either can be clocked higher, let us know below or in the KitGuru forum.

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