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Alleged 8-core AMD Zen 5 prototype CPU appears in benchmarks

An unannounced AMD processor has begun appearing on benchmark databases. Considering the CPU's ID code, this is thought to be an early Zen 5 prototype.

The entries shared by Benchleaks shows an OPN (100-000001290-11_N) distinct from any previous Ryzen CPUs. Moreover, the Family ID of 26 is also new for AMD products. For example, Zen 3 and Zen 4 architectures used a Family ID of 25 (19H), while Zen 2, Zen+, and Zen were associated with a Family ID of 24 (18H). The introduction of Family ID 26 strongly suggests the development of a new architecture, likely Zen 5.

Both benchmark scores were discovered on distributed computing platforms einstein@home and LHC@home, with both entries having the same OPN code in the “CPU Type” field. Given that the “Number of processors” field on the einstein@home entry is 16, we assume the core configuration of this mysterious CPU is 8C/16T. Interestingly, one system was equipped with a Radeon RX 7900 GPU, while the other had an undisclosed Radeon GPU.

Unfortunately, these benchmark results make it very hard to compare these CPUs with existing ones. Moreover, even if they were, considering these are just engineering samples, there's a good chance they wouldn't be representative of their final performance.

KitGuru says: This isn't the first instance of an engineering sample for AMD's next-generation architecture surfacing on such platforms. It seems that AMD is actively testing the silicon capabilities. We expect to see the first official Zen 5 CPUs in 2024. 

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