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AMD EPYC “Milan” processors spotted on Geekbench database

Entries of the unreleased and unannounced 3rd-gen AMD EPYC processors have been spotted on the Geekbench benchmark database. There were three SKUs found – the EPYC 7643, 7543 and the 7513.

As per the benches found by @TUM_APISAK, the AMD Epyc 7643 is a 48C/96T processor featuring a base frequency of 2.3GHz (boosts up to 3.6GHz), 24MB of L2 cache, 256MB of L3 cache, and a 225W TDP. The processor scored 5850 points on the Geekbench 4 single-core benchmark and 121,080 points on the multi-core benchmark.

For a 48C/96T processor, that's quite impressive if you compare it with the currently available server processors. In single-core workloads, it seems to offer about 20% more performance than Intel counterparts on the same benchmark. In multi-core workloads, an exact figure is harder to determine due to the variety of multi-core scores with Intel 48-core solutions, ranging from similar scores to 20% less.

A dual-socket HPE ProLiant XL225n Gen10 Plus server equipped with 2x AMD Epyc 7513 was also found. Featuring a 32C/64T core configuration, these processors have a base frequency of 2.6GHz, which boosts up to 3.65GHz, 16MB of L2 cache, 128MB of L3 cache, and a 200W TDP. During the single-core benchmark, this processor scored 762 points. The reason behind such a low-score would be because of the low operating frequencies, which according to the readings, the processor was running at about 1.8GHz. The multi-core test was much more impressive, scoring 27,243 points.

To put the single-core score in perspective, it's the same as an average Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 in Geekbench 5. On the other hand, the multi-core score tops the chart, beating the 64C/128T AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X by about 8%.

We also found some entries of the AMD Epyc 7543, which is basically the same processor as the Epyc 7513 with a higher TDP (225W) and higher operating frequencies. Unlike the other two CPUs, there are Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5 entries for the AMD Epyc 7543. In Geekbench 4, it scored an average of  6200 points in single-core and 11,000 in the multi-core. Using Geekbench 5 benchmark, the single-core score averaged at 1338 and the multi-core score at 26,544.


AMD is expected to launch its EPYC ‘Milan' processors in Q1 2021.

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