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AMD might have three Ryzen 5000 Pro CPUs on the way

AMD Ryzen 5000 Pro mobile processors have been available for some time, but the desktop models have yet to arrive. AMD has not officially announced Ryzen 5000 Pro chips for desktops, but according to a listing on Lenovo's website, there are at least three on the way.

The processors were found on Lenovo's website by HXL. Based on the finding, there will be at least three Ryzen 5000 Pro chips, but more SKUs could be coming. Like the non-Pro desktop variants, it should be based on the Zen 3 architecture. Moreover, it seems these chips won't come with integrated graphics, as they lack the “G” in their naming.

The flagship Ryzen 5000 Pro CPU will be the Ryzen 9 5945, featuring 12 cores, 24 threads, and a maximum clock speed of 4.7GHz. You can find all the details known about the three leaked Ryzen 5000 Pro SKUs in the following table:

CPU Cores/Threads CPU Base Clock CPU Boost Clock Cache (L2+ L3)
Ryzen 9 Pro 5945 12C/24T 3.0GHz 4.7GHz 6+64MB
Ryzen 7 Pro 5845 8C/16T 3.4GHz 4.6GHz 4+32MB
Ryzen 5 Pro 5645 6C/12T 3.7GHz 4.6GHz 3+32MB

As of now, we don't know when the Ryzen 5000 Pro chips will release.

KitGuru says: Ryzen Pro is aimed at a different market compared to the non-Pro chips. With that in mind, the impending launch of Ryzen 7000 shouldn't impact plans for new Ryzen 5000 Pro CPUs. 

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