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Gigabyte seems to have confirmed the entire 13th Gen Core desktop CPU lineup

Intel has already confirmed which will be the first Raptor Lake chips to release. We are almost certain there will be more chips in the lineup, but we've only heard about them through rumours. Gigabyte, however, might have shared more than it should, confirming a total of 22 Intel 13th Gen Core CPUs.

As spotted by @momomo_us, Gigabyte started listing its upcoming Z790 motherboards, including their specifications and details. As part of that, Gigabyte also added a CPU compatibility list, including the current and upcoming chips that users will be able to run on these boards. As shown by the listings, we can see this list includes all 12th Gen Core desktop CPUs, as well as the six Raptor Lake ‘K' series chips.

The 12th Gen Core lineup and the 13th Gen Core ‘K' series chips should have been all the list included, as those are the only ‘officially announced' CPUs. However, Gigabyte also added 16 non-K (65W) and T series (35W) CPUs. These are expected additions to the line-up, as they are there every generation, but it is still an interesting early look at what's to come over the next few months after Intel's initial launch.

Besides including the processors, the list also details each one of them. Unfortunately, it doesn't include core/thread configurations and maximum frequencies, but the former can be assumed based on their ‘K' counterparts. Intel 13th Gen Core K chips will be coming out on October 20th, but the non-K and T CPUs should only become available in early 2023.

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