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Intel’s 12900K has been tested in Ashes of the Benchmark

It seems to be an unwritten rule that before every major CPU and GPU launch, someone has to run an early benchmark of Ashes of the Singularity using the new component. Well, that's what has happened here with the Intel i9-12900K, and judging by the results, we might be in for a treat.

The first Intel Core i9-12900K entry shared by @Benchleaks definitely looks promising, but there's a snag –  it was run using a custom preset, making it impossible to compare with other systems fairly. However, after that first entry, more benchmark runs followed, with some of them using the High_1080 and High_1440 graphics presets.

For comparison purposes, we tried to compare the 12900K results with other systems using 64GB of RAM, and RTX 3080 and the DirectX 12 API, but that wasn't always possible. The only system we found with these specifications was equipped with a Core i9-10850K and used the High_1440 preset. Comparing both entries, the Alder Lake system was the fastest by a decent margin, regardless of which entry we chose. At worst, the 12900K came in 15% faster, but compared with the best result, the Alder Lake chip scored 27% higher.

Although these scores are certainly intriguing, we don't know if the memory, GPU and CPU were overclocked or not. As always, we advise to wait for proper third party reviews before making a buying decision.

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KitGuru says: How do you think the upcoming Alder Lake processors compare against current processors? Do you think the results we've obtained from comparing entries are close to the real difference between the two SKUs?

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