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Intel Meteor Lake iGPU will reportedly offer more compute power than the Radeon 780M

Intel Meteor Lake is still a few months away from coming to the market, but as the alleged release period (Q4 2023) approaches, reports about the upcoming CPUs have been increasing. Most recently, details on the Meteor Lake iGPU and CPU clock speeds have been revealed via a qualification sample. 

Intel is nearing the final stages of preparation for the launch of its Meteor Lake chips later this year. The upcoming mobile Core Ultra series will introduce a new architecture based on Intel 4 process technology, featuring a hybrid design incorporating Redwood Cove and Crestmont cores and an iGPU based on Xe-LPG architecture.

As per Golden Pig Upgrade (via VideoCardz), the qualification sample of Meteor Lake currently operates within a power range of 20 to 65W and can achieve a boost clock of up to 4.8GHz. While this falls short of the 5.0GHz boost of the Core i7-1370P (Raptor Lake) and Intel's current offerings, the source suggests that the aim is to reach 5.0GHz with Core Ultra 9 processors.

The compute die of Meteor Lake consists of 6x P-cores, 8x E-cores, and 2x low-power E-cores. The GPU subsystem will feature 8 Xe Cores with 128 EUs (1024 shading units). The reported boost clock of the GPU is 2.2GHz, resulting in a single-precision compute power of 4.5 TFLOPS. That's 5% higher than what the Radeon 780M RDNA3 iGPU found in Phoenix APUs is capable of.

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KitGuru says: AMD Phoenix APUs have found success in small handheld gaming systems. Assuming the Meteor Lake iGPU will be as good as the report suggests, handheld system manufacturers will certainly evaluate Intel's new chips for new and upcoming portable consoles.

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