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Move over Raspberry Pi, Kinetis KL02 is the smallest

While it might not quite have all the features of the popular miniature computer on a PCB Raspberry Pi, the newly created Freescale Kinetis KL02 is offering up the building blocks of something much smaller. It's a full microcontroller featuring a processor, RAM, ROM, clock and I/O control unit – and it measures just 1.9 x 2mm.

In the same way that the PI has allowed for new projects in the form of robotics and automated craft, the KL02 could open up new and interesting computing options. One suggested use by the manufacturer, Freescale Semiconductor, is for a swallowable computer.

“We are working with our customers and partners on providing technology for their products that can be swallowed but we can't really comment on unannounced products,” said Steve Tateosian, global product marketing manager at Freescale (via Wired).

If this makes 100 per cent sense to you, congrats, you're smart.

There are other applications for a chip like this in a huge variety of different places. Wearable computing, pipes in your house that report leaks, more intelligent smoke alarms, miniature displays that use almost no battery power and many many more.

The Kinetis KL02 will be on show at the Embedded World show over the next few days, ending on the 28th February and will eventually be commercially available for businesses and consumers to make use of. However, it was apparently designed in response to a specific request from a customer, who remains unknown at this point.

KitGuru Says: All we need now is a real advancement in battery technology and we can see some truly exciting stuff developed. Come on, I want robo exoskeletons that are like, £20 each.

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