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Intel begins teasing Ice Lake Core processors, confirms 10nm+

Intel is currently gearing up to unveil its Coffee Lake processors next week but that isn’t stopping the chip giant from teasing the future too. In a brief update to the company’s website today, Intel began teasing the upcoming Ice Lake CPU, which will be based on an improved 10nm+ process node.

Here is how Intel describes Ice Lake: “The Ice Lake processor family is a successor to the 8th generation Intel Core processor family. These processors utilise Intel’s industry-leading 10 nm+ process technology.”


There’s not a ton of information there to unpack but it does confirm that Ice Lake will be Intel’s 9th generation of Core processors, following on from Coffee Lake, which launches this year. Intel’s 8th Gen CPUs shall be based on a fourth tweak to the 14nm process.

Previously it was thought that 10nm Cannonlake CPUs would be next in line but it seems that Intel may have decided to just jump straight to 10nm+ instead.

KitGuru Says: Intel is being very active with its CPU announcements this year in particular. Perhaps Ryzen is shaking up Intel’s plans after all.

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  • Dhrazer

    Successor to the 8th? So they are completely skipping Cannonlake?

  • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    I think they just renamed it to Covfefe lake or just let it slip under the carpet and ignored it like a fart in a lift. Tho apparently C-lake is just a 2nd optimization of Skylake, while Kaby was the 1st optimization.

  • lehpron

    Cannonlake is likely following Broadwell, dominanting mobile and then server/workstation; if a desktop variant comes, I think soldered.

    But I see it as another “-lake”, Ice Lake could just be a refresh of Cannonlake, like Kaby Lake was to Skylake. Higher frequency and cores for the price, but no IPC boosts.

  • Lindajbolyard


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